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Large Turkmen jewelry
Large Turkmen jewelryTurkoman tribal jewelryShown with ruler and coinClose up Turkmen jewelryClose up tribal pendantFull view Turkmen pendantFull view Turkmen pendant
Price: $0.00
Item Number: abh-4417-ten

Vintage Turkmen Clasp Pendants Pair - Ersari Tribal Jewellery

This unusual pair of of Large Old Turkmen (Turkoman) Ersari Tribal Clasp Pendants (Chakalik) were handcrafted in the early 1900's. They were sturdily constructed and do not bend.

The clean design with open-fretwork along the upper borders is classically Ersari Turkmen. Chain dangles representing falling rain clatter with movement to make an enchanting sound. 

The eye-shaped red beads sitting in the center of each pendant are said to ward of the evil eye and protect the wearer.

Chakalik clasp dangles like these were traditionally worn attached to cloaks and coats as elaborate closures. They are also worn as dramatic headdresses by attaching their hooks to caps, scarves, or locks of hair at the side of the head along the temples. 
Turkmen Tribal Jewelry is known for being large and dramatic, like these unusual Ersari Clasp Pendants. Some consider the large size a tribute to the armor worn by Turkmen women in ancient times when fought as warriors along side their men.

These Chakalik pendants are collectible Ersari Turkmen tribal jewellery. These old pendants have been gently polished, with an age patina that gives them a glow that only the passage of time can create.

Price is for the pair.
Measurements: (1 inch = 2.54 cm)
    Size = 6 inches wide x 5-1/2 inches long (each) 
    Weight = 5.7 oz for the pair
    Shipping weight = 12 oz
    Material = Metal with silver; Glass beads
Vintage Pair of Large Turkmen Chakalik Pendants Pair 64.00 9-30-2016

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