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Fusion Tribal Jewelry - Old and New African Trade Beads Necklace Strand

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Old and New Trade Beads
Old and New Trade Beads
Price: $35.00
Item Number: ORL-4773-Nk

African Tribal Jewelry Trade Beads Necklace from Ghana

This colorful single-strand necklace was made using a combination of old and new handcrafted African trade beads.

The vintage African beads from the mid-1900's include Ashanti sandcast beads, Awalleh chevron beads from West Africa, and some older Krobo beads from Ghana.

Newer African beads include more recent sandcast, chevron, and Krobo beads, as well as a bicone green King Bead from Ghana.

These wonderful beads were randomly strung on sisal cording that slides over the head to wear.

Excellent condition.

Comes in a gift-box.

MEASUREMENTS (1 inch = 2.54 cm):
Length = 30 inches
Weight = 3.2 oz
Shipping Weight = 9 oz
Material = Old and New African Glass Trade Beads, Sisal Cord
About African Trade Beads: Collectors of African Trade beads categorize them by the region in which they were found or where they were most commonly worn.

This may not always be where they were made, however. Many glass trade beads that were made in Europe are now almost exclusively associated with African Regions.

For example, the colorful tube-shaped Millefiore Trade Beads are typically identified as African Trade Beads, although most were originally made in Venice during or before the 1800's, finding their way to Africa through decades of trade.

Other glass African Trade Beads originated from Czechoslovakia, Germany, England, or Vienna before finding their was to the cultures and ceremonies of Africa.
Measurements: (1 inch = 2.54 cm)
    Length = 30 Inches
    Weight = 5.3 oz 
    Material = Glass African Trade Beads; Sisal

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