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African Tuareg Tribal Jewelry - Vintage Silver and Carnelian Amulet Necklace - SIGNED

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African Tuareg necklace
African Tuareg necklaceClose up Tuareg pendantBack view Necklace on manikinBack view showing signaturetribal amulet pendantNecklace on manikinSide view showing depth
Price: $385.00
Item Number: INH-3354-Nk

Vintage African Tuareg Amulet Necklace - Handcrafted Tribal Jewelry - SIGNED

This unusual amulet necklace was handcrafted by African Tuareg tribal jewelry artisans during the mid-1900's (pre-1960). It was skillfully made, with a large carnelian stone housed in an ornate silver setting.

The old pendant is strung on more recently-made multiple strands, with a woven-button clasp. The upper back of the pendant was signed by the artisan, using characters from their centuries-old Tifinagh alphabet.

Tuareg jewelry from the mid 1900's is virtually gone now, so I rarely find pieces like this anymore. Since I purchased this a few years ago, I have not seen another.

About TUAREG: The African Tuareg consist of widely dispersed nomadic tribes known for their great noble bearing. Sometimes referred to as the "First People," the Tuareg say that they have inhabited the northern span of Africa for millennia - a claim that history supports. 

The Tuareg are undisputed masters of the desert, skillfully venturing with aplomb where others could not survive. Men and women hold equal rank with Tuareg society, with the men veiling their faces rather than the women.  

MEASUREMENTS (1 inch = 2.54 cm):
    Pendant Size = 2 inches long x 1-5/8 inches long x 5/8 inch thick
    Necklace Length = 18 inches (neckline circumference)
    Weight = 1.1 oz
    Shipping weight = 7 oz
    Material = Silver, Carnelian
 TM Image library 1-7-2017

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