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Old African Tuareg Large Tribal Woman's Veil Weight

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Price: $198.00
Item Number: ALQ-950A-veil

Large Old African Tuareg Tribal Veil Weight

Veil weights (or veil fasteners) have been worn for centuries by Tuareg Tribal Women. 

Tuareg women enjoy high esteem within the tribal group. so much so, that they were entrusted with safekeeping the tribe's wealth.

In deference to ancestral ways, their veil weights were traditionally shaped like vestigial keys - symbolic of those they carried to tribal safe boxes. 

Veil weights are unique to Tuareg tribal women, exceedingly beautiful and loaded with symbolic meaning.

In the local Tuareg language, veil weights are called "assrou n' swoul," which translate as "the key that is thrown over the shoulder." They are indeed worn attached to garments and veils which are then flung across the shoulder so that the weight hangs along the back of the body. 

The shape of this large old veil weight is noticeably anthropomorphic - that is, it's overall shape is like that of a stylized human figure.

The torso of the figure contains the Tuareg Aza (Ezza) symbol with curved lines facing each other; more incised designs above and below provide guidance for their desert journey.

Tuareg women are considered equal partners with Tuareg Tribal men. This gorgeous olf veil weight speaks to the integrity of Tuareg Tribal Society in general. 

This wonderful old African Tuareg Veil Weight was handcrafted by Tuareg Tribal Jewelry artisans in the early to mid 1900's.

It is in excellent condition, made of copper, silver, and brass with a warm age patina from decades of loving wear.

Collectible Museum Quality old tribal jewelry that is one-of-a-kind.

Measurements: (1 inch = 2.54 cm)
     Size = 9 inches long x 2 inches wide 
     Weight = 2.0 oz
     Shipping Weight = 6 oz.
     Material = Silver; Copper; Brass
1865 214.00 7-10-2016

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