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Large Old Himalayan Silver-Studded Yak Horn Snuff Container

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with Silver Designs
with Silver Designs
Price: $625.00
Item Number: TAH-774-Misc

Large Himalayan Snuff Container of Yak Horn and Silver

This superbly decorative Snuff Container was handcrafted in the Himalayas from a large Yak Horn in mid to early 1900's. Very popular throughout Tibet during this period, snuff was a mixture of tobacco and soot used by both men and women at all levels of society. 

The substance was inhaled to achieve a similar sensation as if smoking tobacco. Although snuff was also stored in less elaborate containers, the Yak horn is considered especially spiritual. 

Found on the ground in the wilderness plateaus after being shed, unadorned Yak Horns are often placed on roof tops and gate entrances as a form of protection and tribute.

Ornate Yak Horn Snuff Containers such as this were used as personal items or in ceremonies, and may have indicated the owner's revered social status. Sacred symbols in raised repousse Silver embellish the horn (please see images). Natural Turquoise and Red Coral beads are set in raised bezels for added beauty. 

It is filled with snuff at the larger end. The snuff was retrieved for use at the narrower end by using the "spoon" that is still attached to the lower cap.

Exquisitely handcrafted Large Old Himalayan Yak Horn Snuff Container. One-of-a-kind.

     Size = 16 inches long along curved length (1 inch = 2.54 cm)
     Weight = 20.8 oz (590 grams)
     Material = Yak horn; Silver; Turquoise; Coral

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