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Large Old Nuristani Tribal Jewelry Torc Necklace

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Price: $185.00
Item Number: TXP-88484-Nk

Old Nuristani Tribal Jewelry Torc Necklace

This ornate old Tribal Jewelry Torc Necklace was handcrafted in the early 1900's in the Nooristan (Nuristan) region of the Hindu Kush - a mountain pass located between the Indus River Valley and the Himalayas. 

A Torc (Torque, Tawque) is a distinctive choker neckring styled necklace that is worn in many tribal areas, especially throughout Central Asia, the Far East, Egypt, and the Indian Subcontinent.

Skillfully handcrafted in the early 1900's, this wonderful Torc is studded with colorful beads, flowing dangles, and elaborate metal work.

There is an integrated hinge clasp that opens fully, allowing the neck to slide through for a secure fit.

This old tribal torc is in excellent condition, with mild wear patterns and a warm age patina remaining after decades of time.

A similar Nuristani (Nooristani) Torc is pictured on page 184 of Wolf-Dieter Seiwert's seminal book on Tribal Jewelry, "Treasures from the Bir Collection." Perfect for wearing, collecting, and displaying as a unique object of artisan-ship.

Measurements (1 inch = 2.54 cm):
   Size = 15 inches inner neckline circumference (slender neck)
   Front Drop = 9 inches (distance from the upper and lower edge of necklace at center front)
   Weight = 14.3 oz
   Shipping Weight = 1 pound + 4 oz
   Material = Mixed metals, faceted beads, old coin in center of large lower pendant

About NURISTAN (Noristan, Nooristan, Nurestan): Nuristan is a remote mountainous region located within the Hindu Kush among the Himalayan foothills in today's eastern Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In earlier times, the Hindu Kush provided a strategic mountain pass to merchants and travelers going between the East and West along the Old Silk Road.

This steady influx of traffic brought cultural and artistic influences from far and wide to Nuristan, which appears in the crafts, dress, and jewelry from this region.

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