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Sterling Silver Teardrop Necklace with Ancient Roman Glass

Roman glass necklace
Roman glass necklaceAngle view of necklaceAngle view of necklaceRoman glass necklaceShown with ruler and coinRoman glass necklace
Price: $98.00
Item Number: RGC-4492-Nk

Roman Glass and Sterling Silver Necklace

This beautiful necklace was artisan handcrafted using sterling silver and ancient Roman glass.

The teardrop pendant was made with a glass remnant that dates back to the Roman Empire. Roman subjects were prolific glass makers, perfecting an already ancient craft into a skilled art form. 

2000 years ago, the Roman Empire occupied all lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. The desert sands along the Eastern shores contained the perfect amount of silica for glass making. 

This region became the center for glass-works which were exported for use in other regions of the Empire. The color is predominantly the characteristic aqua-blue of the untreated natural glass from that period.

Today Roman Glass shards are found scattered throughout the vast regions of the Empire, where they are gathered for making into trinkets, jewelry, or collecting.  

Measurements (1 inch = 2.54 cm):
    Chain Length = 17 inches
    Pendant size = 1-3/4 inches long x 1 inch wide
    Weight = 0.37 oz
    Shipping weight = 6 oz
    Material = Sterling silver, Roman glass

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