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Extraordinary Large Turkmen Tribal Jewellery Garma Headpiece

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Price: $395.00
Item Number: abh-CR2-HP

Large Turkmen Teke Tribal Jewellery Garma Headpiece

This exceptional large Turkmen Teke Tribal Jewellery Headpiece is studded with eye-shaped large Carnelian beads to ward of the evil eye. Stylized designs of flames and birds' wings are incised into the front, highlighted with traditional Teke gilding.

Stylized fish-shaped charms span the lower border, clattering with movement to make a wonderful sound. Fish are a greatly revered symbol throughout this region and beyond. In this region, Fish are believed to invigorate and assure a harmonious long life. They are associated with the highest forms of femininity, since they live in water, and water is life-giving. There are loops along the sides for threading a ribbon or cord to secure to the head. Headdresses like this can also be worn attached to a cap underneath for added stability.

This is an expertly made replica of antique Turkmen Tribal Jewelry handcrafted by a skilled artisan living in the Kunduz province along the Turkmen border. His replicas are always true to tradition and exceptionally well made using the finest and sturdiest materials. Jewelry making like this is becoming a lost art, and we have not seen any contemporary jewelry work that compares to the top quality of his. This magnificent Turkmen Tribal headpiece is a Museum Quality replica and art piece.

Measurements: (1 inch = 2.54 cm)
    Size across = 13-1/4 inches (33-1/2 cm)
    Front Drop = 5-1/4 inches (13 cm)
    Side Length = 10-1/8 inches (25-1/2 cm)
    Weight = 9.7 oz (275 grams)
    Material = Metal with Silver; Carnelians; Gilding

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