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Long Vintage Starburst Waziri Kuchi Dangle Earrings - 16 Gauge Earrings

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Price: $38.00
Item Number: abh-505-Er

Large Vintage Kuchi Earrings from Waziristan

These dramatic long vintage Kuchi tribal jewelry dangle earrings were sturdily handcrafted in the mid-1900's in Waziristan

These are old tribal jewelry earrings - not new reproductions.

Lots of extra-long, clattering bell-dangles hang noisily from colorfully beaded domes in classic Waziri Tribal style. 

There are mild wear patterns and a warm age patina after decades of time. 

Please note: At 16 gauge the earwires are much thicker than standard earwires and will not fit through regular small earlobe piercings. Earrings with thick earwires like these were also worn attached directly to the loops of hair or to head gear rather than through the earlobe.

Come in a gift-box.

Measurements (1 inch = 2.54 cm):
    Size = 5-1/2 inches long x 1-1/2 inches wide 
    Weight = 3.7  oz per pair
    Shipping Weight = 9 oz.
    Earwire Gauge = 16 gauge (thickness of wire that passes through earlobe piercing)
    Material = Glass beads, Metal

About WAZIRISTAN: Once part of the opulent Mughal Empire, Waziristan now belongs to the Tribal Areas in eastern Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan.

It was named after the Wazir tribe who lived there for centuries.

Like so many other regions in this part of the world, Waziristan has experienced years of recent turmoil and difficulties, especially in its more remote areas.

Its prior heritage, however, was that of wonderfully vibrant arts and skillfully crafted jewelry.

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