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Berber Enamel
Berber Enamel
Price: SOLD
Item Number: IQ-222-P

Silver and Enamel Large Hamsa Pendant from Morocco

This beautiful contemporary Large Hamsa Pendant was handcrafted in Morocco in colorful enameled silver. The meticulous blue-yellow-green patterns replicate those of ancient Berber pieces. The Hamsa shape represents an open right hand...a symbol of protection against the evil eye. It is said to "blind the eye of aggressors" while imparting strength to the wearer.

The word Hamsa literally translates as "five" - associated with the 5 fingers of the hand and a powerful number in this part of the world. The exact origin of the Hamsa symbol is unknown, although it has been revered in this way since antiquity among completely diverse cultural groups. 

     Size = 2-3/8 inches long x 1-5/8 inches wide (1 i nch = 2.54 cm)
     Weight = 0.5 oz
     Material = Silver; Enamel


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