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Very Old African Tuareg Tribal Jewelry Silver Pendant Necklace

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Old Silver Tuareg Necklace
Old Silver Tuareg NecklaceOld Tuareg pendant necklaceTuareg necklace on manikinTuareg necklace on manikinOld Tuareg pendant necklaceClose up Tuareg pendantSide view showing detailsAngle view on manikinShown with ruler and coinOld Tuareg pendant necklace
Price: $385.00
Item Number: INH-4447-Nk

Unusual Old Silver Tuareg Pendant Necklace

This old one-of-a-kind Tuareg pendant necklace was handcrafted in silver during the early 1900's in Africa. The Tuareg are a widely dispersed nomadic tribal group living in Northern Africa. They have a unique culture with distinctive jewelry traditions that are among the most highly regarded in the world. 

The large silver pendant has a profuse number of  carefully aligned lines and etched patterns that represent creatures of great importance to the tribe - both human and animal. These symbols also hold amuletic properties, protecting the wearer and the wearer's tribe against adversity and the evil eye. 

The chain was made with black onyx beads interspersed with traditional Tuareg silver spacers. A simple clasp completes the back. There is a warm age patina giving the old pendant a glow that only the passage of time can create.

This collectible Old African Tuareg necklace is in excellent condition. It was handcrafted with sturdy quality silver that does not bend. The artisan signed on the back with the traditional Tuareg hallmark.

About TUAREG: The African Tuareg consist of widely dispersed nomadic tribes known for their great noble bearing. They are said to refer to themselves as the "First People," claiming to have inhabited their region for eons, and well before all others - a claim, incidentally, that history supports. 

The Tuareg are undisputed masters of the desert, skillfully venturing with aplomb where others could not survive. Men and women hold equal rank with Tuareg society.  

Measurements (1 inch = 2.54 cm):
     Pendant Size = 2-3/8 inches wide x 2-1/8 inches long 
    Necklace Length = 18 inches around neckline 
    Weight = 1.1 oz
    Shipping weight = 7 oz
    Material = Silver; Onyx; Metal findings

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