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Old Beaded Butterfly Turkmen Amulet - Tribal Wall Hanging

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Price: $22.00
Item Number: abh-448-WH

Collectible Turkmen Vintage Wall Hanging Tribal Amulet

This unusual one-of-a-kind Wall Hanging was handcrafted by a Turkmen during the mid-1900's. It serves as an amulet to attract a bountiful home, as well as a display of the artwork. 

The colorfully beaded Butterfly in the center is said to connect people with the inspiration and protection of the heavens since butterflies fly effortlessly through the sky. They also change from a humble caterpillar into a beautiful creature, giving hope that all things are possible.

Traditional Turkmen metal medallions with a rich age patina form a continuous border around the edge. Turkmen attached medallions such as these to many of their textile creations; they were said to bring good fortune, while at the same time repelling evil forces.

A fringe cowrie shells and metal charms hang from long beaded dangles. When caught in the breeze, they clatter together to make a delightful sound. 

Measurements: (1 inch = 2.54 cm)
     Size = 9-1/2 inches long x 6-1/4 inches wide
     Weight = 2.6 oz 

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