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Large Silver Goddess Durga Pendant Necklace

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Price: $178.00
Item Number: SeaT-088-N

Goddess Maa Durga Silver Pendant Necklace

Amulet Pendants like the large one on this necklace are called “Pathri.” They are worn throughout India on simple cords by men, women, and children for protection and to honor sacred beings. 

This pendant shows Goddess Durga as Katyayni Devi holding weapons and sitting astride her Lion – she is an especially beloved Deity throughout all of India and the Hindu world. The fierceness of her pose promises to protect the wearer from all harm.

This large old pendant was handcrafted in the mid 1900's in North India of high grade Silver (90%). The 3-dimensional images are raised and clear, with wonderful wear patterns. A rich patina remains intact, along with vestiges of the red Vermillion rubbing powder from years of loving wear. It sits on an elegant black woven kumihimo cord neckband. Excellent, collectible and wearable condition.

The story of Goddess Durga as Katyayni:  Lord Krishna’s sister, Durga is the Supreme Mother Goddess who has 9 Incarnations (Avatars), and Katyayni is one of those incarnations. Sometimes called Mahadevi, Durga's name roughly translates from original Sanskrit to mean the “inaccessible” or “invincible" one.  

An ancient Hindu Goddess, she is often depicted with multiple arms holding various weapons and riding a lion (or tiger). Durga is revered as a fierce Warrior Goddess who tirelessly defends the causes of good. Her deeds include the slaying of demon after demon while the world was being created. Every year, her many victories are celebrated throughout India in the Navrati and Durga Puja (Dashain) Festivals.

Navrati is a 9-day Festival, with each day symbolizing one of Durga’s 9 Incarnated forms. Depending on the day of the Festival, worshipers meditate on one of her corresponding attributes (the 9 divine feminine forces). Day 6 of Navrati celebrates Durga’s incarnation as Katyayni Devi. 

According to legend, Durga was incarnated on earth as Katyayni, the daughter of a kind sage whose village was being devastated by the evil king-demon Mahishasura. This evil king desired Katyayni for his wife, but when he proposed she said she would marry him only if he could defeat her in combat. In divine support, the entire pantheon of Hindu Deities’ gave her their weapons to use for this battle. She soon defeated Mahishasura, beheading him and freeing the village from his evil tyranny.

India enjoys a wonderfully rich cultural and religious heritage that goes back for thousands of years. As always, please consult an expert in the field for exact interpretation and to verify iconography.

Measurements: (1 inch = 2.54 cm)
     Size = 2-3/4 inches long x 1-5/8 inches wide
     Weight = 0.76oz (21.3 grams)
     Neckband length = 17 inches long
     Material = Silver; Cord

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