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Hoi Mata Symbolic Old Silver Pendant from Northern India

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Price: $108.00
Item Number: SeaT-641-P

Hoi Mata (Ahoi Mata) Old Silver Pendant

This intriguing pendant was handcrafted in Old Silver (90%) during the early to mid-1900’s in Northern India. The 3-dimensional images are still clear and brisk. It is a sturdy solid-silver pendant, and not a thin stamping, with a warm patina. 

Amulet pendants like this one that commemorate important Indian heroes, events, and deities are called “Pathri.” They are worn throughout the country by men, women, and children for protection and as a form of tribute.

This beautiful Pathri shows 3 forms of Hoi Mata who is especially beloved in the Shekhawat region of Rajasthan, Northern India.

Indian legend tells the story of Hoi Mata who was the mother of 7 sons. She went to woods one day to collect soil for her garden. While she was digging, her axe accidentally fell on a bear cub, killing it.

She felt terrible about this, but could do nothing to revive the cub, so she returned home. During the following year, all of her sons died. 

Hoi Mata believed that they died because she had killed the bear cub. She sought out a priest, who told her to confess her sin and make atonement by praying for forgiveness, performing good deeds, and fasting. She was so steadfastly remorseful, that the gods returned all 7 of her sons alive to her.

Today the women of Northern India revere her as as a symbol of devoted motherhood. She is often identified with the Mother Goddess Shakti.

Every year villagers across India celebrate her in the joyous Ahoi Ashtami Vrat festival. Wearing her Pathri image is believed to protect the family from harm and bring blessed inner strength to the wearer.

India enjoys a wonderfully rich cultural and religious heritage that goes back for thousands of years. As always, please consult an expert in the field for exact interpretation and to verify iconography.

Measurements: (1 inch = 2.54 cm)
     Size = 1-3/8 inches wide x 1-1/2 inches long
     Weight = 0.43 oz (12.3 grams)
     Material = Silver 

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