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Roman Glass Beads Strand - Selection to Choose From

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Strand of Roman Glass - A
Strand of Roman Glass - AStrand of Roman Glass - ARoman Glass MeasuredStrand of Roman Glass - BStrand of Roman Glass - BStrand of Roman Glass - CClose up Roman Glass Strand of Roman Glass - DClose up Roman Glass - DStrand of Roman Glass - EClose up Roman Glass - EUnusual Roman GlassStrand of Roman Glass - FClose up Roman Glass - FStrand of Roman Glass - GClose up Roman Glass - GStrand of Roman Glass - HClose up Roman Glass - HStrand of Roman Glass - IClose up Roman Glass - IStrand of Roman Glass - JClose up Roman Glass - J
Price: $15.00

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Beads of Old Glass from the Roman Empire

These unusual old beads were shaped from glass remnants which date from the Roman Empire. Surprisingly, Roman subjects were prolific glass makers, perfecting an already ancient craft to a skilled art. 

Today Roman Glass shards are found scattered throughout the vast regions of the Empire, where they are gathered for making into trinkets, jewelry, or collecting.

These are simple glass beads that have been further shaped for use in crafting. The color is predominantly the characteristic aqua-blue of the untreated natural glass from that period. 

We have a selection of strands. Please see the drop down menu and images to see/select your favorite. Price is for one strand.

Average Measurements (1 inch = 2.54 cm)
    Beads per Strand: 16 inches
    Length of beaded portion: 25 beads average
    Round Bead size:  5/8 inch (15 mm) 
    Weight:  0.9 oz per strand
    Material: Glass; String

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