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PAIR - Old African Tuareg Tsabit Hoops - Gauged Earrings from Mali

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African tribal jewelry
African tribal jewelry
Price: $125.00
Item Number: Tuc-4677-Er

Old African Tuareg Hoop Earrings - Collectible

Price is for PAIR as shown.

This is beautiful pair of large old north African tribal jewelry Tsabit hoop earrings were handcrafted during the mid to later 1900's in Mali for the nomadic Tuareg tribe.

Tsabit earrings are a classic style of Tuareg jewelry, worn by women beginning in their childhoods. They have distinctive knobs on one end, honed and incised with linear designs that are a characteristic of Tuareg artwork.

Earrings like this traditionally have very thick earwires - the portion of the earring that goes through the earlobe piercing. The earwires on these earrings are 11 gauge.

These earwires are much thicker than standard earwires and will not fit through smaller earlobe piercings. It is also a custom to wear such earrings looped through locks of hair, around braids, and/or hanging individually from a cord as a necklace.

Mild wear patterns and a warm age patina remain from many years. These earrings have a very slightly golden color.

Price is for PAIR as shown

Measurements: (1 inch = 2.54 cm)
    Size = 1-1/2 inches wide x 1-3/4 inches wide
    Earwire Gauge = 11 Gauge
    Weight = 1.82 oz per pair
    Shipping weight = 7 oz
    Material = Brass

About TUAREG: The African Tuareg consist of widely dispersed nomadic tribes known for their great noble bearing.

Sometimes referred to as the "First People," the Tuareg say that they have inhabited the northern span of Africa for millennia - a claim that history supports. 

The Tuareg are undisputed masters of the desert, skillfully venturing with aplomb where others could not survive.

Men and women hold equal rank with Tuareg society, with the men veiling their faces rather than the women. 

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