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Old African Tuareg Tscherot Tribal Jewelry Necklace

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Price: $285.00
Item Number: PQD-4735-Nk

Old African Tuareg Tribal Jewelry - Tscherot Amulet Necklace

This old African tribal jewelry amulet necklace with its one-of-a-kind silver Tscherot pendant was handcrafted for the nomadic Tuareg tribe of northern Africa in the early to mid-1900s.

A Tscherot (Tchirot) is an archetypal Tuareg amulet that is shaped like the outline of a man's torso while standing with his arms crossed in the moonlight.

They are always beautifully engraved with Tuareg symbols that frequently include star patterns and constellations familiar to the group.

Tuareg tribes typically sojourn at night to avoid the extreme heat of the daytime desert - often using stars as their guides. Tchirot are worn as powerful amulets - an extra assurance to guarantee a safe night's journey,

Tuareg men and women are equals in everything, including their penchant for wearing traditional and symbolic jewelry. Although the Tcherot is typically considered a Tuareg man's necklace, it is now often worn by women.
This old Tscherot was handcrafted in Tuareg silver with an unusual 4-tiered design giving it depth. The incised designs are unique to the specific Tuareg group, with classic lines and triangular shapes.

The back is brass which has a rich age patina acquired after many decades. The neckband is more recent, handmade in the traditional Tuareg way.

This Tscherot is a stunning example of collectible old African Tuareg tribal jewelry. Old ones like this are unusual to find now. I have others that are also uniquely beautiful, but they are more recent and less expensive. 
Measurements: (1 inch = 2.54 cm)
    Pendant Size = 2-3/8 inches long x 2-5/8 inches wide x 3/4 inch deep
    Weight = 2.5 oz
    Shipping weight = 8 oz
    Material = Silver, Brass, Fibers
    Necklace length  = 28 inches (neckline circumference)

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