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Collectible Old Turkmen Tekke Pendant (Gonjik) - SIGNED

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Price: $225.00
Item Number: ab-2329-P

Old Turkmen Tekke Tribal Jewelry - Large Gonjik (Gonjuk) Pendant

The "Gonjik" (Gonjuk) is a large diamond shaped pendant that is worn by women of the various Turkmen tribes. In addition to being beautiful, a gongik is worn as an amulet that protects the wearer from harm. 

Like most Turkmen Jewelry, Gongiks are notoriously large. Some say that the large size of Turkmen Jewelry is a tribute to the armor worn by Turkmen women when fighting as warriors alongside their men in battle long ago.

This extraordinary Old Turkmen (Tekke Tribe) Double-Gonjik Pendant was handcrafted in the early 1900's with unusual gilded patterns, and lots of red beads for warding off the evil eye, and an artisans hallmark on the back. Charm dangles hang along the lower edge, clattering together with movement, making a wonderful sound that scares away demons. 

The double-pendant design gives the impression of overlapping pendants and doubles the protective properties of this old Gongik Pendant Amulet. The surface has been polished revealing expert artisan-ship. Hang from a favorite ribbon, cord, or chain for wearing, and add to your Turkmen Tribal Jewelry Collection.

Measurements: (1 inch = 2.54 cm)
    Weight = 8.3 oz
    Size = 12 inches long x 7 inches wide 
    Material = Metal and silver; Gild; Glass beads

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