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Vintage Teke Turkmen Qasli Bilezik Cuff Bracelet - Old Tribal Jewelry from Turkmenistan-1

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Price: $72.00
Item Number: txp-D4870-Br

Turkmen Tribal Jewelry - Traditional Old Qasli Bilezik Cuff Bracelet 

This ornate Turkmen (Turkoman) bilezik cuff bracelet was handcrafted during the early to mid-1900's for the Teke (Tekke) sub-tribe of Turkmenistan in Central Asia.
It is vintage tribal jewelry - not new reproductions.
MEASUREMENTS (1 inch = 2.54 cm)
Wrist circumference size (including gap) = 7-1/4 tapering to 7 inches
Wrist diameter = 2-1/4 inches
Wrist gap = 1-5/8 inches
Height = 3 inches
Weight = 5.8 oz
Material = 50% Silver with metal, Gold gild, Glass beads
Shipping Weight = 12 oz
TM Image library = 11-28-2020D
Qasli bilezik cuff-bracelets were a tribal jewelry mainstay for Turkmen women, often worn in pairs.
This old bilezik bracelet has 3 ornately-decorated tiers (qoshmahs) that were gold-gilded to highlight traditional patterns of stylized birds' wings and flames.
The arm-opening at the back have 7 protruding “claws” or “fangs" on each side, promising protection while holding the cuff in place.
This long cuff is very slightly tapered for a contoured fit from arm to wrist.
Exceptionally well-made of sturdy 50% silver, it does not bend.
It is in excellent condition, with mild wear-patterns and a warm age-patina acquired over many years.
About the TURKMEN: The Turkmen (Turkoman) are a semi-nomadic tribal people who have lived on the harsh steppes of present-day Turkmenistan and neighboring Central Asian countries for thousands of years.
Turkmen jewelry is notoriously large, with pieces worn on both the front and back of the body, as well as on the head, arms, and fingers.
Some say that the large size of Turkmen jewelry is a vestigial form of the armor worn by Turkmen women who fought alongside their men in battle.
The five major tribes of the Turkmen are the Teke, Esari, Yomut, Choudur, and Saryk - represented by the 5 stars and carpet designs on today’s Turkmenistan National Flag. ©

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