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Old Turkmen Tribal Jewelry - Large Gonjik Panel Necklace

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Turkmen tribal jewelry
Turkmen tribal jewelry
Price: $76.00
Item Number: abh-4717-Nk-Panel

Large Vintage Gonjik Turkmen Tribal Jewelry Panel Necklace

Turkmen (Turkoman) women love large jewelry pieces. Some say that the impressive size of their jewelry is a tribute to the armor that ancient Turkmen women wore while fighting alongside their men in battle.

The large old Turkmen gonjik (gonjuk) pendant on this panel necklace was handcrafted in Turkmenistan, Central Asia during the mid-1900's.

It is from the nomadic Turkmen Ersari tribe, with its deliberate lines marking the four directions and scalloped lower order.

Vibrant red beads were strategically placed with classic Turkmen styling to ward off the evil eye.

Long chain dangles with charms hang from the lower edges, clattering together with movement for a wonderful sound.

A series of old amulet medallions embossed with flowers decorate the panel - a traditional Turkmen flourish.

The more recent silken fabric of the panel is the color of pomegranates - a traditional and favored color among these nomadic people.

The very back has a new black band with a button clasp for wearing comfortably around the neck.

There are mild wear patterns and a rich age patina acquired over many decades of time.

The vintage Turkmen gonjik pendant on this panel necklace was skillfully and sturdily made; it does not bend. Collectible.

MEASUREMENTS (1 inch = 2.54 cm)
    Pendant Size = 10 inches long x 5-1/2 inches wide
    Front Drop = 15-1/2 inches (distance between upper and lower edges at center front)
    Weight =  6.7 oz
    Shipping Weight = 13 oz

About Turkmen GONJIKS: The gonjik (gonjuk) is a classic piece of Turkmen tribal jewelry worn as a necklace with the pendant hanging at or below the waist.

They were frequently sewn directly onto garments or onto long panels as is this one.

Gonjiks were also worn in pairs on either side of a coat's opening.

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