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Old Turkmen Tribal Jewelry - Traditional Gonjuk Panel Necklace

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Close up panel necklace
Close up panel necklaceShown with ruler and coinShown on manikinClatter danglesTurkmen capriz amuletsTurkmen (Turkoman) Panel
Price: $132.00
Item Number: abh-4608-Nk-Old

Large Old Double-Gonjik Turkmen Tribal Jewelry Panel Necklace

Turkmen (Turkoman) women love large jewelry pieces. Some say that the impressive size of their jewelry is a tribute to the armor that ancient Turkmen women wore while fighting alongside their men in battle.

Regardless, the jewelry from this region is remarkable not only for its size, but also for its beauty and exquisite craftsmanship.

The unusual designs etched into the gold-gild are of stylized birds wings and rams horns to protect the wearer from harm.

Red oval beads and a center carnelian were strategically placed there to ward off the evil eye.

This panel necklace is a traditional form way to wear the large Turkmen gonjik pendants, either as a necklace (pectoral), or sewn on outer garments.

The smaller old capriz medallions sewn to the upper portion of this neck-piece serve as amulets to ward off any evil eye or misfortune directed towards the wearer.

The large, bead-encrusted, square double-gonjik pendant was skillfully and sturdily handcrafted during the early 1900's - before the making of traditional Turkmen jewelry was prohibited by the occupying USSR.

An open fretwork design runs along the top of the pendant, while the lower border holds ornate charm dangles that clatter together with movement.

Turkmen women traditionally wore  their large gongik pendants on panels like this, hanging about waist level.

The silk-blend fabric panel is a deep pomegranate color that is characteristic to this region. A new neck cord and button clasp makes it easy to put on and take off.

Please note the price listed has been discounted substantially because of a small chip in the center carnelian. The stone remains sturdy in its setting, however, and is barely noticeable. Please see images.

Measurements: (1 inch + 2.54 cm)
   Pendant Front Drop = 14 inches long (distance between upper/lower edges of pendant at center front)
  Pendant Size = 10-1/4 inches long x 6 inches wide
  Fabric Panel Size = 10 inches long x 6 inches wide   
  Neckband Length = 17 inches, neckline circumference

  Weight = 10.6 oz
  Material = Silver and metal, Gold gild, Glass beads, Carnelian, Silk blend fabric

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