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Large Yomut Turkmen Turquoise and Silver Horse Pendant

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Turkmen horse pendant
Turkmen horse pendantTurkmen turquoise pendantDangles on pendantShown with ruler and coinTurkmen horse pendant
Price: $54.00
Item Number: ab-401T-Pc

Yomut Turkmen Turquoise and Silver Horse Pendant 

This ornate turquoise and silver horse pendant was handcrafted during the late 1900's for the Yomut Turkmen (Turkoman) tribe of Central Asia. It is slightly larger than the similar pendant ab-401T-Pb listed on Tribal Muse. 

It has an antiqued finish giving it a pleasing aged look. This pendant comes with a simple black cord which can be replaced easily if you prefer to wear on your own cord, chain, or ribbon.

Yomut Turkmen jewelry is known for its over-the-top construction, including generous encrustations with colorful beads and amulet plaques affixed to the surface.

The Turkmen are a tribal people who have lived in the harsh steppes of present-day Turkmenistan and neighboring Central Asian countries for thousands of years. Historically, they were nomadic herdsmen and traders, renowned for their athletic Ahkal-Teke horse. This pendant celebrates their beloved horse in a classically Turkmen way.

Measurements: (1 inch = 2.54 cm)
  Size: 3-3/4 inches long x 3-3/8 inches wide
  Weight  = 0.9 oz
  Shipping Weight = 7 oz
  Material = Silver, Turquoise, Glass beads, Metal plaques

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