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Restocking Fee Tasks

Ever wonder why more and more companies are charging Restocking Fees these days? It is to help defray the actual cost of the many steps and tasks that need to be done in processing a return. Below are just some of tasks we perform for every returned item:

- open/inspect all returned item
- sanitize each returned item
- adjust online inventory
- rewrap each item for safe storage
- relabel each item with correct inventory number
- adjust totals on inventory spreadsheets
- remove returned items from original invoice
- adjust amount totals on invoice spreadsheets
- issue correct refund to customer quickly
- review customer’s reasons for return and correct any issues, if possible
- edit online item description to include relevant information from customer’s reasons for return
- resolve any discrepancies
- Emails/Telephone calls with customer
- keep separate hard copies of all transaction changes for federal tax purposes
- adjust state tax report for sales originating in Florida USA

As you can see, the tasks are not only time-consuming, but also require precision. This all adds up, especially when we have to pay someone else to help with them. That is why, unfortunately, Tribal Muse, like so many other companies today, must charge a small Restocking Fee. We provide lots of info for each product sold, so please be sure to read descriptions fully and look at all images before purchasing to avoid the expense and bother of returns.