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Tibetan Double Dorje (Vishvavajra) Symbolic Pendant Necklace

Tibetan necklace on manikin
Tibetan necklace on manikinVishvavajra necklaceVishvavajra necklaceShown with ruler and coinTibetan style pendantMultiple stainless steel strandsVishvavajra necklace
Price: $22.00
Item Number: HES-4436-Nk

Double Dorje Vajra Thunderbolt Pendant Necklace from Nepal

The Dorje Vajra is a Tibetan thunderbolt, symbolizing the brilliant mind of enlightenment. It is one of the most treasured symbols of Tibetan Buddhists and serves to highlight the path to nirvana. 

The double Dorje Vajra (Vishvavajra) pendant on this necklace is from Nepal; It has a sacred "OM" symbol in the center.

The unusual neckband has multiple strands of stainless steel wire that complement the pendant beautifully. The pendant can be removed if you prefer to wear on a different chain, ribbon or cord.

Measurements: (1 inch = 2.54 cm)
     Pendant Size = 1-1/2 inch diameter
     Neckband length =
    Weight = 0.44 oz.
    Shipping Weight = 5 oz
    Material = Metal; Stainless steel

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