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2-Sided Om Pendant from Nepal - Selection

Turquoise and Carnelian
Turquoise and CarnelianPendant is 1/2 inch deepEach SideEach SideShowing Side DepthShowing Side Depthwith US Quarter
Price: $28.00

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Tibetan Om Pendant  - Mystic Syllable for Awareness

Om is a syllable venerated by people from around the world. it is believed to open a spiritual door, allowing sacred things to become revealed. Many people use "Om" as a personal mantra, or sometimes combine it with other words to create mantra phrases. Many cultures have their own symbol for "Om" - on this pendant one side is the Hindu Om - looking similar to the number 3. On the opposite side Om is written as a Tibetan script symbol. 

This well-made pendant is finished with a Turquoise composite stone on one side, and red agate on the other. Lettering and accents are brass. Contemporary pendant, handcrafted in Nepal. Fair Trade item.
This Om pendant comes in 2 varieties; please see PRODUCT OPTIONS and IMAGES to see and select your favorite. The 2 varieties are essentially the same, except that the stones and letters are in opposite combinations. 

Price is for one pendant.
Measurements: (1 inch = 2.54 cm)
   Size = 1-14 inches diameter x 1/2 inch deep
   Weight = 1.04 oz (24.9 grams)
   Material = Turquoise composite; Agate; Brass

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