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Spiritual Necklace of 108 Natural Rudraksha Beads

Faces called Mukhi
Faces called MukhiTraditional 108 Beads4-Faced RudrakshaSpiritual Beads Mala
Price: $32.00
Item Number: YY-444-mala

Rudraksha Tibetan Mala - Traditional 108-Beads Spiritual Necklace

Beautiful Tibetan Mala Necklace - The Tibetan Mala is a spirit necklace made of 108 beads traditionally worn by Tibetan monks. Originally they were used to center the mind's attention in preparation for meditation and prayer, or simply to create a calm feeling. 

Today they can be used the same way, or as beautiful necklaces to celebrate Tibetan consciousness. Contemporary Tibetan Tribal Jewelry handcrafted in Nepal.

This mala is made from hulled, dry Rudraksha seeds (technically berries) that grow on a tree of the same name in the Himalayas. Once hulled, the seeds have naturally occurring vertical grooves which give them the appearance of being separated into segments (mukhi or "faces"). 

Rudraksha have been used in spiritual jewelry by both Buddhist and Hindu traditions for centuries...the latter being associated with Lord Shiva's protection. By tradition, since Rudraksha are organic seeds, they should not be combined with metal in jewelry-making.


Measurements Rudraksha Mala:

            Size = 36 inches inner circumference (1 inch = 2.54 cm)

            Weight = 1.7 oz (48.7 grams)
            Material = Rudraksha beads; Fiber

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