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Tree-of-Life Symbolism:

The Tree-of-Life symbol appears among multiple peoples and groups throughout the world. Although the exact forms may differ, the symbolism associated with the Tree-of-Life is strikingly similar across cultures.

Because they have deep roots and branches that lift to the sky, trees symbolically link heaven, earth, and the underworld in the most positive way. They bind the past, present, and future in a manifest form that combines ancestral times with today and tomorrow in one field.

Since many trees lose and regrow their foliage annually, trees are the quintessential symbol of renewal and immortality. Even in the most basic context, trees provide sustenance - either directly by bearing fruit, or simply by offering shade, supplying wood and foliage, and creating animal habitats.
For more information, Wikipedia has a very good overview of the Tree-of-Life symbol itemized by culture and mystical use.

Tree-of-Life Earrings