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Tribal Jewelry at Tribal Muse - Your Global Marketplace 

At Tribal Muse you will find unusual vintage tribal jewelry and new ethnic jewelry pieces from around the world. You will find Tibetan, African, Afghan, Kuchi, Turkmen (Turkoman), Berber, Tuareg, Native American, African, and Peruvian jewelry - and even a few more. 

Tribal beads and textiles too! All at great prices.

Indian Jewelry - USA
Fully certified and made in the USA by Navajo, Zuni, and Santo Domingo (Kewa Pueblo) jewelry artisans - Tribal Muse has a great selection of stunning Native American Indian jewelry.
Unique Tibetan Jewelry
You will find lots of unusual one-of-a-kind Himalayan, Nepalese, and Tibetan jewelry at Tribal Muse - your global marketplace for tribal jewelry from around the world.
Turkmen Tribal Jewelry
Turkmen (Turkoman) tribal jewelry - antique, vintage, and new pieces that are loaded with heritage and symbolism. Find a large selection of Afghan, Uzbek, and Kazakh jewelry here too.
African Tribal Jewelry from all over the continent.
Elegant Peruvian ethnic jewelry
Fair Trade Jewelry from Peru that is beautifully handcrafted.
Vintage Afghan Kuchi tribal jewelry
Vintage Kuchi Tribal Jewelry, including necklace, headpieces, earrings and more from the Kuchi tribes of the Old Silk Road trade routes. great for wearing, belly dancing, and collecting.
Made in Turkey - Nowhere else!
Contemporary Turkish Jewelry that captures the Tribal Spirit. All of our Turkish Jewelry is made in Turkey - nowhere else.
Tribal Jewelry from around the globe
Tribal Jewellery that doesn't quite fit in our other categories!
Discount ethnic and tribal jewelry
Odds and ends of Tribal Jewelry from around the world, including souvenir, tidbits, and irregular pieces at discounted prices. Sold as-is at a great price.

Tribal Jewelry and Ethnic Jewelry at Tribal Muse