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Tribal Muse Restocking Fee

We wish we didn’t have to, but Tribal Muse charges a 10% Restocking Fee. Restocking returned items is a very expensive business for us. It is an extremely labor intensive process, involving several tasks that are time-consuming and demand precision. We are a small company, so tasks add up, especially when we have to pay someone else to do them.

Returns are not fun for anyone. We provide lots of information, so you will know exactly what you will receive, and not be surprised or disappointed. Vintage and old Tribal Jewelry is not like department store jewelry. Please be sure to read the full description for each item, and inspect all images carefully before buying. Specific measurements and content information are also listed in the description section for each item. For any questions, please do contact us so we can answer them to your satisfaction. It is our sincere intention that all your purchases at Tribal Muse meet your full expectations and provide you with years of enjoyment.