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Vintage Telhakit and Ingall Pendants Tuareg Necklace - African Tribal Jewelry

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Multiple of Tuareg pendants
Multiple of Tuareg pendantsOld Tuareg pendants necklaceTuareg necklace on manikinMultiple of Tuareg pendantsTuareg necklace on manikinShown with ruler and coinTuareg pendants necklace
Price: $212.00
Item Number: INK-4449-NK

Large Tuareg Telhakits and Ingall Vintage Necklace from Africa

This unusual vintage necklace was handcrafted during the mid 1900's by Tuareg tribal jewelry artisans. The multiple old pendants include a silver-trimmed telhakits, agath ingall and a cross.  

Each individual pendant is an amulet that is said to protect against the evil eye and bring good fortune. They hang from a 6-strand neck cord with a woven-button clasp.

The largest pendant was handmade of ornate silver and carnelian (agath). The incised patterns are a tribute to important creatures in the Tuareg social group - both animal and human.

Tuareg society is remarkably egalitarian and women are highly regarded. Many note that Tuareg women do not cover their heads, but Tuareg men do (perhaps to protect themselves from the harsh desert winds?). 

The nomadic Tuareg have lived for centuries along the northern span of Africa, and indeed call themselves "the first people" in the region.

Measurements (1 inch = 2.54 cm):
     Length = 19 inches around neckline
     Largest pendant size (Ingall) = 2-1/4 inches long x 1-1/8 inches wide x 1/8 inch thick
     Weight = 0.9 oz
     Shipping Weight = 7 oz

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